INDIAN BEATS FACTORY is in the market from almost 5 years back. We had seen ups & downs. We had tried to get into many platforms but not worked for us. Reason A backend great support by artists is required.We felt that people didnt liked the stuff we produced. We had tightened oour quality tests & entered to a servey where we got that an itnernet radio is found to be most popular in the market. at an initial level we are up with aprox 5000 tracks broadcasting 24/7 & even more musics are getting udpated from electronic,electro,bollywood,etc


WE ARE IN THE MARKET WHERE THERE ARE MANY SACMS & ALL RUNNING. We are planning the integrate public & music to a place where new artists get discovered. The issue is people look Djs with very bad view. As we all know that they are one kind of celebrity who create quality remixes for the listeners. This does'nt mean that we are talking of all Djs but us about all quality Djs/producers who create Great Music For geat People.


THERE WERE MANY PROGRAMS LAUNCHED. Viewers were thinking why we are special? We are special because we test specific musics,albums with the technical skills of sound eng. All the sub parts of music has to be in a propertion & great in quality. Once this expects get Cleared the music is gone be 100% great quality. THis kind of music gone take the hart of listeners. This way indian beats factory & their artists can grow up in the market

"We really enjoyed listening them play. Amazing Gig!"
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  Akhil Talreja DJ & PRODUCER Objective: I strongly believe in generating Quality Output. Past Club Experience: ? ELEVATE ? WHITE ? ROCK BOTTOM ? PRIVE ? VIE LOUNGE ? LUSH ? PLAY ? RA ? KARMA Professional Experience of 6 years as a DJ includes: ? Performed for ANSHUL ANIL AMBANI s B?DAY PARTY @ AMBANIS RESIDENCE. ? Performed with HARDKAUR @ BIG TV LAUNCH PARTY. ? Performed with…


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In the Dj’ing/Remixing scene of ever evolving genres,sounds and trends, the word phenomenon is rarely if ever used,unless of course you are the hottest talent out there and if your name is Dj A.Sen.Born Anurag Sen on June 7,1990 in Mumbai,India,started off his musical journey at the beginning of adolescence when he was barely 13.This unconventional guy raised in a very conventional and conservative family has bent the rules with…

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